Performing Groups

Performing groups are classes that introduce students of all ages to the magical world of song, dance, voice, showmanship and performance. Students will learn choreography, sing solos and group vocals, and perform at a variety of local venues each season. Performing groups are also invited to participate in performing tours to such places as Disneyland, Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Cruise Ships and more. Performing groups build dancers who are comfortable onstage, in front of people and will gain confidence and teamwork skills, while learning from several genres of dance. Ballet and jazz classes are strongly encouraged and/or required for audition only groups.

Entertainers: ages 4-6

Neighborhood Kids: ages 7-9

*Starliners: ages 8-9

Spirit: ages 10-12

*Young America: ages 10-12

Illusion: ages 13+

*Platinum: ages 12-14

*Rush: ages 15+

*Audition required for placement

The Company at Thompson Lane

The company is a dance centric program that focuses on building technical foundations and artistry in dance. Students will train and compete in several genres including jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical and tap. Our competition philosophy is different, we believe a positive approach will produce a positive outcome. There is always another goal to reach. Competition is a great learning tool for each dancer as an individual. For us, competition is not only about the win, but encouraging dancers to continue to hone their skills and to strive to be their best. It is not about winning a trophy or achieving the highest score (of course we love when we are awarded top scores. Who Doesn’t?), however we are not going to measure our success solely by a trophy. For us competition will always be about motivating, inspiring, and educating kids in a positive environment. Placement in company classes is based upon audition or trial class.

Kid Company: ages 7-9

Mini Company: ages 9-12

Junior Company: ages 12-14

Teen Company: ages 13-16

Senior Company: ages 14-19